Why Choose Kurinchilion

To deliver cost effective, robust, unique technology solutions and value to our clients, we build applications tailored specifically to the business requirements of our customers

Decade of experience

Agile in accomodating your dynamic needs and committed to collaborative teamwork

Organized process

Streamlined processes with an organized approach to implementation

Cutting-edge solutions

We undestand and adapt to industry dynamics to help you sustain and grow

Continous improvement

We engage, communicate and proactively report on the solutions that we offer through continous development

24/7 Support

With us, a sale goes far beyond delivery. We build & support versatile technologies with first-class support services.

Efficient service delivery

with years of experience we work with you to configure your system and train your team in a cost effective and timely manner

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

We turn concepts into reality by providing you with the key enterprise software solution that your organization needs, within budget constraints and a tight schedule.

Mobile applications add real time branding and business value for your entity. Our solutions are geared towards innovation that improves your presence and reach.

From conducting interviews to actionable analysis documentation, we prepare a plan to help you with a fast and easy process for cloud migration.

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How We Do It

Structured Application Phases

Our team combines agile and rapid development techniques to deliver quality software solutions. We have identified comprehensive set of phases through systematic approach and extensive research for developing Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Mobile based solutions.

Our approach takes the best from industry standards and from our client interactions to develop and scale web applications within a shorter time span. Spending quality time in the analysis and discovery phase eliminates scope and/or budget creep.

With the advent of mobile applications and bots as a medium for social interaction security plays a key role in determining the existence of the applications. Scalability and robustness are two other equally important factors that must be addressed by any system that is expecting a wider audience and 24x7 availability.

Iterative development process and practices focus on collaboration of our engineers and customers. We strongly advocate communication between parties to allow better flow of information. People-centric approach guided by the processes is the key mantra for our success.

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Development Phases

Backed up by Testing and Quality Assurance in each phase

Define Project Objective

The first step in the development process is to acquaint with "you" in order to understand the business need and to study your unique requirements. To define the project objectives, we set up meeting(s) face-to-face or via telephone or video conferencing. The outcome of this phase would be a project proposal outlining the time and budget.

Discovery & Wireframe Specification

This step lays the foundation for the project by scoping the constraints and by specifying the captured objectives step-by-step to establish a clear understanding of clients' need. It ensures that the project will stay in scope and budget.

Layout Design & Content Gathering

Design is the face of a brand. We ensure that we capture and deliver the look and feel expected out of our customer's mobile and web application by adhering to their color palette and by system navigation user friendly. Graphical and content structure are clearly laid out in the design and a content gathering document is sent to the client at the end of this phase.

Database Design & Code Development

Development phase begins on the approval of the wireframe and the design. Design takes shape from static elements to properly structured responsive layout. Database layer is added depending on the project needs.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Our development cycle involves testing and quality assurance at all phase of development. Unit testing is done by the developers and quality assurance is done by engineers to guarantee the meet the expectiations of our clients. User acceptance testing by the client ensure that the project ready for its entry into Production Phase.

Deploy & Maintain

Domain and Network configuration takes place in this phase and the application is migrated to the live servers. Client testing is necessitated to make sure that the project functions are delivered as is accepted by the client. Documentation of the application is provided to the client to help them manage their applications.