Stock ratings on

Those who subscribe to can not only get access to their ratings on stocks and mutual funds but set up online portfolios, as well.

When I first wrote this article, it didn’t integrate with other sites so you needed to enter all of your information manually from your brokerage statements but it has a special feature that none of the others offer called X-Ray. This X-Ray tool lets you enter your mutual funds and it then shows you what your actual portfolio holdings are by breaking down the underlying stocks held within each of those funds.

Investment tracking site –

Another very popular investment tracking website, allows you to enter your account information from other institutions and have it all aggregated on a single screen.

You can then set budgets for yourself, see how much you are spending on specific categories, track the investment fees you are paying, and compare your individual accounts to benchmarks such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Using Software to Track Your Investments

Many investors still want software installed on their local system. Generally, there are a few options.

Quicken – If you purchase the investment version of Quicken, the typical retail investor will largely find it meets most of his or her needs.