SMO Security Scheduler

A Focus your valuable time on what really matters in your business by saving time on mundane tasks such as scheduling, attendance tracking and payroll checking. With well-organized scheduling programs provided by us, it takes minimum effort on your part to retrieve accurate data require for payroll processing. You no longer have to manually log in employee time sheets to keep track of their hours. Simplify life by using their phone’s GPS to track locate their call-in location. In addition, our scheduling system has a good payroll program integrated in it through QuickBook.

Realty Management System

Enhance your management and build your business, using our software. At a low budget, you will have complete authority over everything from property management, to maintenance, utility billing, and rent. Our software includes accounting, the ability to communicate with residents and tenants via e-mail, parking attendance. No matter the size of your building or the number of units, we are ready to serve you in terms of:

  • Marketing services and websites
  • Lead tracking tools
  • Call tracking tools
  • Property accounting software
  • Custom fields, reports and templates
  • Property inspections and maintenance software


Individuals starting out in finance have relatively little task to take care of. As they switch to working on large scale investments, basic database tools are not sufficient to manage their portfolios. This is when the need for sophisticated tools to assist in merging data, and market analysis arises.


AutoMart CMS is a platform that helps in creating recognizable market identity for auto dealers. A coherent solution that enables multi-lingual content for a wider audience. From individual dealership to franchises to international corporation, AutoMart CMS enables instant contact with its customer base.